OPEN PRACTICE - April 20th, All Types of Cars Welcome

Hobby Stock Rules 2024


**Transponders are Mandatory**

#1 – Body

  • Any American made rear wheel drive car.
  • Full frame cars can replace rear frame after kick ups with 2 x 3 tubing.
  • Stock unibody cars must use 2 x 3 tubing from front clip to end of chassis, must have factory floor and firewall.
  • No torque arm cars.
  • Minimum weight of 3000lbs with driver at completion of race. Track scales will be used to determine weight and will be final.
  • 4 point roll cage minimum with 4 door bars on drivers side, front and rear hoops 1 ¾” .095 tubing.
  • Stock steel bodies, aftermarket steel or aluminum bodies allowed but must remain stock appearing. Fiberglass hood allowed, max 5” spoiler allowed. No cock pitting. No late model or prostock looking bodies.
  • Must run stock appearing nose and tail piece. No homemade tail pieces.
  • If car has replacement floor or firewall it must be minimum 22-gauge steel.
  • All cars must be presentable.
  • Door intrusion plate mandatory.


#2 – Front Suspension

2.1         All suspension and steering components must be OEM and in stock location, with the exception of steel tubular non adjustable replacement upper control arms. Lower control arms must be equal length.

2.2         Steeling quickeners allowed.

2.3         Non-adjustable spring cups allowed or must be welded.

2.4         One non-adjustable non rebuildable oil filled shock allowed per wheel. Front shocks externally mounted allowed. Rear shock must be + or – 1” from stock location. Rear can be hiem end.

2.5         Racing springs allowed.

2.6         Chassis components must be same as chassis being used.

2.7         Jacking bolts and adjustable spring buckets must be welded.

2.8         Wheelbase 108 inches + or – 1 inch.


#3 – Rear Suspension

3.1         Leaf springs – Chevy and Chrysler allowed.

3.2         No pull bars, No 3 link, No pan hard or j bars allowed

3.3         May run Ford 9” with bolt in axles, full floaters allowed. No gun drilled axles. No wrap up style axles. Both axles must measure same diameters.

3.4         Aftermarket upper and lower trailing arms (stock replacement, non-adjustable only).

3.5         Racing springs allowed. 14-inch max height.  Equal height for both sides.

3.6         Non-adjustable spring cups allowed or welded. 2-inch maximum rear upper spring buckets allowed.

3.7         Rear end mounts must all be in stock location, no exceptions.

3.8         All suspension components must be in OEM locations.

3.9         Steel spool allowed, no lockers or traction control components.

3.10       Rear lower control arms from the bottom of the axle tube to the center of the control arm bolt – 3.5 inches.


#4 – Engine

Option I – Factory sealed 602 GM crate with a box stock 4412 carb or Rochester 500 cfm carb.  Motor must have factory seals only.



Option 2 – Open motor, all engines must remain stock stroke configuration for manufacturer and cubic inch.  Stock replacement cranks unaltered allowed with minimum 52 lbs.

4.1         Flat top or dished pistons only, flat tops must be 2 0r 4 valve relief. May use I-beam rods, no H beam or    billet

4.2         Max overbore GM 350 .060, Ford 351.060, Chrysler 360.040

4.3         Stock production blocks only.

4.4         Cast iron stock production heads only. Vortec 906 and 062 are allowed.

4.5         No race flow or undercut valves allowed.

4.6         No porting of heads or intake allowed.

4.7         Screw in studs and guide plates allowed max 3/8 stud, no stud girdles

4.8         No roller cams allowed, no 4/7 swap allowed.

4.9         Engine has to be in stock location. The center line of the lower ball joint to the back of the engine must be 15 inches.

4.10       Factory stock distributor, points or hei allowed.  No circuit board modules and no welding advance allowed. Must remain factory firing order.

4.11       12-volt system only.

4.12       Holley 4412 or Rochester 500 cfm only.  Both must be box stock.

4.13       1” carb spacer unaltered. No HBH style spacer allowed.

4.14       Stock cast iron 2-barrel unaltered intake and edelbrock 2101 allowed. On Vortec heads – GM 602 crate intake only.

4.15       No lite weight crankshaft.

4.16       Stock replacement headers or stock manifolds only 1 5/8 or 1 3/4  tube allowed. Crossover headers allowed. No 180, no tri y headers allowed. No merge collectors.

4.17       Mufflers mandatory, must exit behind driver. 3” pipes max, no 2 into 1 muffler allowed or h or x pipes.

4.18       Site plug mandatory 3-6 inches from front pan on left side.  Exception – crate motor.

4.19       Stock rocker arms only. No mixing ratios, no roller rockers, no roller tip rockers allowed. No stud girdles.

4.20       No aluminum water pumps.

4.21       Production heads only. Max valve spring diameter 1.25.  Steel retainers only. GM vortec heads 906 or 062 allowed. Maximum valve spring pressure 80 pounds and 1.25 diameter steel retainers only.  No beehive springs allowed.


#5 – Transmission, Bellhousing, Driveshaft

5.1         Any automatic or standard transmission allowed. No direct drives allowed. Standard transmission must have steel bellhousing and stock or stock replacement clutch and flywheel.  No lite weight or triple disc allowed.  Automatic minimum of 11” torque converter functional.

5.2         Steel drive shaft painted white only.

5.3         Drive shaft loops mandatory 6” from front u joint and another in middle of driveshaft.

5.4         All gears must work.


#6 – Brakes

6.1         4-wheel brakes mandatory.

6.2         OEM steel calipers only.

6.3         Aftermarket master cylinders allowed.

6.4         No remote brake adjuster allowed. No shut offs.


#7 – Tires and Wheels

7.1         Steel wheels only with maximum width 8”. Bead lock allowed on right rear only.

7.2         No wide 5 hubs allowed.

7.3         1” lugs are mandatory.

7.4         All season DOT tires only. 235/75/15 max size. Grooving and sipping allowed.




#8 – Safety

8.1         Aluminum racing seat mandatory.  Must be mounted with minimum 6 bolts safely (subject to tech).

8.2         All cars must have window net.  Window net must be up and secure during racing.

8.3         All drivers must have a working one-way radio on the 454.000 frequency in use at all times when on the track. Only communication with driver allowed is from a track official.

8.4         All cars must have some form of tow chain front and rear – mandatory.

8.5         Ballast must be mounted securely with at least grade 5 bolts and painted white with car number on it.

8.6         Helmet must be at least Snell 2010 or valid SFI 31 1/2005 label.

8.7         Seatbelts SFI 16.5 or 16.1, not to exceed 2 years past manufacturers expiration date.

8.8         All fuel cells must have rubber flaps.



While the above rules offer a good guideline, not everything can be covered by a written rule.  If you have any questions ASK FIRST.  Any non-covered part can be deemed illegal at any time. Anything not covered in the rules in not to be assumed legal.