July 24th - Street Stock Series, Hobby Stocks, Vintage Cars presented by Smith Drywall

QUICK RESULTS – July 4, 2019

Super Spectacular

Super DIRTcar Series Race #6

Pepsi Big-Block Modified “Liberty 100”

*Feature (100 laps): 1. 9s-Matt Sheppard ($7,500), 2. 49-Billy Dunn, 3. 19w-Justin Wright, 4. 98h-Jimmy Phelps, 5. 21a-Peter Britten, 6. 99L-Larry Wight, 7. 27j-Danny Johnson, 8. 19-Tim Fuller, 9. 91-Billy Decker, 10. 42p-Pat Ward, 11. 88-Mat Williamson, 12. 5h-Chris Hile, 13. 35-Mike Mahaney, 14. 3-Justin Haers, 15. 7f-Matt Farnham, 16. 111-Demetrios Drellos, 17. 23-Kyle Coffey, 18. 25-Erick Rudolph, 19. 26-Ryan Godown, 20. 12x-Dillon Groover, 21. 6h-Max McLaughlin, 22. 2L-Jack Lehner, 23. 18-Anthony Perrego, 24. r2-Rusty Smith, 25. 17-Marcus Dinkins, 26. 14j-Alan Johnson, 27. m1-Dave Marcuccilli, 28. 11r-Rob Bellinger.

Heats (8 laps / 5 qualify / top-3 redraw)

#1: Decker, Dunn, Britten, D.Johnson, Hile, Drellos, Perrego, VanPelt, Daugherty, Pauch.

#2: Wight, Williamson, Mahaney, Groover, A.Johnson, Farnham, Lindberg, Allen, Smith, Williams.

#3: Ward, Fuller, Wright, Haers, Bellinger, Coffey, Lehner, St.Sauveur, D.Johnson Jr.

#4: Sheppard, Rudolph, McLaughlin, Godown, Phelps, Marcuccilli Sweeting, Lombardo, Dinkins.

Last Chance Showdowns (10 laps/ 2 qualify)

#1: Farnham, Drellos, Perrego, Lindberg, Pauch, Allen, VanPelt, Daugherty, Smith, Williams(DNS).

#2: Marcuccilli, Coffey, Lehner, Sweeting, Lombardo, St.Sauveur, D.Johnson Jr., Dinkins.

Provisionals: Lehner, Smith, Dinkins, Perrego.

Group Time Trials (38 cars)

#1: Billy Decker 19.225sec. (93.628 mph), Billy Dunn 19.275, Peter Britten 19.318, Danny Johnson 19.408, Chris Hile 19.411, Anthony Perrego 19.832, Demetrios Drellos 19.939, Billy VanPelt 20.035, Billy Pauch 20.149, Jeff Daugherty 20.335.

#2: Larry Wight 19.053sec. (94.473 mph), Mike Mahaney 19.320, Mat Williamson 19.375, Eric Williams 19.774, Dillon Groover 19.863, Gary Lindberg 19.864, Alan Johnson 19.883, Matt Farnham 19.885, Rusty Smith 20.266, Dave Allen 20.277.

#3: Pat Ward 19.162sec. (93.936 mph), Tim Fuller 19.253, Justin Haers 19.334, Justin Wright 19.557, Kyle Coffey 19.826, Rob Bellinger 19.833, Paul St.Sauveur 20.039, Daniel Johnson Jr. 20.275, Jack Lehner 20.364.

#4: Max McLaughlin 19.204sec. (93.730 mph), Matt Sheppard 19.228, Erick Rudolph 19.458, Ryan Godown 19.533, Dave Marcuccilli 19.555, L.J. Lombardo 19.984, Jimmy Phelps 20.082, James Sweeting, 20.368, Marcus Dinkins 21.211.

DNQ: 1-Billy Pauch, 11j-James Sweeting, 14ny-Daniel Johnson Jr., 21x-Eric Williams, 22-Jeff Daugherty, 35L-J.L. Lombardo, 37-Paul St.Sauveur, 48too-Gary Lindberg, 82-Billy VanPelt, 88a-Dave Allen.

360 Sprint Classic Series Race #3

Donath Motor Worx CNY Speedweek

Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints

*A-Main (25 laps): 1. 10c-Paulie Colagiovanni ($3,000), 2. 53-Shawn Donath, 3. 45-Chuck Hebing, 4. 22-Jonathan Preston, 5. 28f-Davie Franek, 6.9-Josh Pieniazek, 7. 00-Danny Varin , 8. 91-Scott Holcomb, 9. 61-Parker Evans, 10. 90-Matt Tanner, 11. 99L-Larry Wight, 12. 98-Joe Trenca, 13. 5-Justin Barger, 14. 3a-Jeff Trombley, 15. 2-Dave Axton, 16. 87-Jason Barney, 17. 56-Billy VanInwegen, 18. 35-Jared Zimbardi, 19. 36d-Steve Doell Jr., 20. 121-Steve Glover, 21. 48jr.-Darryl Ruggles, 22. 197-Ryan Harrison, 23. 36-Kyle Moffitt, 24. 41j-Josh Flint, 25. 14b-Brett Wright, 26. 67-Pete Richardson.

Heats (10 laps / 5 qualify)

#1: Colagiovanni, Tanner, Preston, Axton, Richardson, Flint, Doell, K.Hebing, Azzi, E.VanInwegen.

#2: Wight, Donath, Franek, Barger, Trombley, Zimbardi, Wright, Carlson, Kuhn.

#3: C.Hebing, Varin, Pieniazek, Trenca, Glover, Moffitt, Karklin, Harrison, Peebles(DNS).

#4: Barney, Evans, Holcomb, B.VanInwegen, Ruggles, Vigneault, Coniam, Cook, Miller.

B-Main (10 laps / 4 qualify)

#1: Zimbardi, Doell, Harrison, Flint, K.Hebing, Cook, Moffitt, Vigneault, Karklin, Wright, Azzi, E.VanInwegen, Carlson, Coniam, Kuhn(DNS), Miller(DNS), Peebles(DNS).

Provisionals: Moffitt, Wright.

Robert Finley Memorial Dash (4 laps): Axton, Trenca, Barger, B.VanInwegen.

DNQ: 3-Denny Peebles, 5k-Jake Karklin, 9c-Kevin Carlson, 10-Jeff Cook, 10h-Kelly Hebing, 17z-Josh Azzi, 19em-Emily VanInwegen, 46-Ryan Coniam, 55-Alex Vigneault, 88c-Chad Miller, 99k-Dan Kuhn.

NEXT EVENTSaturday Spectacular, July 6 @ 7pm; Sherwin-Williams Paint presents $25 Carload Night: Big-Block Modified/Sportsman/305 Sprint(double features)/Street Stock plus Power Wheel Races with Colony Caregivers Benefit.

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